RGUHS Calendar Of Events

Calendar of Events for admission ALL UNDER GRADUATE AND POST GRADUATE COURSES IN THE FACULTY OF NURSING, ALLIED HEALTH SCIENCES & PHYSIOTHERAPY for the academic year 2019-2020 is hereby notified as follows:

S.No Description of events Schedule
1 Last date of admission and a) Online uploading of admission statement on RGUHS website www.rguhs.ac.in, along with the latest students’ clear colour photos b) email the list of students admitted to registrar@rguhs.ac.in and swf@rguhs.ac.in 31.10.2019 upto 11.59 pm
2 Commencement of academic session 03.10.2019
3 Online payment of admission fees payable to the University in full (partial payment is NOT allowed) 02.11.2019
4 Getting admission register certified by the Registrar or his designated official of the University and producing the proof of having remitted the prescribed fee in full to the university (attested photocopies of the same to be left with university). 07.11.2019 before 5:00.pm
5 Last date for submission of online entered printed admission statement with originals of the required documents including eligibility certificate (wherever applicable) 15.11.2019 before 5:00.pm
6 College-wise verification of documents for Admission approval 21.11.2019 to 27.12.2019
7 Last date of submission of deficient documents as pointed out during verification Ten working days from the date of verification
8 Tentative last date for hosting Admission approval statement in the University website www.rguhs.ac.in Ten working days from the last date prescribed for receipt of deficient documents
9 Tentative last date for posting the hard copy of Admission approval statement to the Principal of the concerned institute. Five working days from the date of hosting
10 Submission of Synopsis to RGUHS (for post graduate degree courses) 30.03.2020
11 Submission of Dissertation to RGUHS (for post graduate degree courses) 29.06.2021
12 Submission of Dissertation to RGUHS (for post graduate degree courses)
With fine of Rs. 1,500/- per candidate
With fine of Rs. 4,000/- per candidate

1. The admitting college should have been notified as affiliated to the University with permission to admit students for the concerned course for the year 2019-20 before the last date of admission.

2. Request for correction of name in the online admission statement will not be entertained. Entry of names in the online admission statement, by itself does not vest the right of admission approval. Number and the name of students uploaded in the online admission statement and e mail must match and not exceed the number of admissions approved. All excess admissions beyond the approved number will be rejected.

3. If any of the above dates happens to be a holiday, the following working day shall be taken into consideration except for payment of fees and fine which is available through online payment.

4. Admission Register shall contain the date, amount and number of the receipt corresponding to the name of the student with the signature of the student. Admission of those Students who have not paid the admission fees in full will not be approved.

5. Those names that could not be uploaded in the online admission statement for whatever reason should be indicated in bold letters in the e-mail to be sent and in the admission register to be submitted to the University. Hard copies of the same must be submitted to the office of the Registrar and Vice-Chancellor in person in duplicate and an acknowledgement be obtained from the designated official of the respective offices during the office hours of the next working day. Otherwise, such admissions will not be accepted.

6. Exact date of verification of documents for admission approval will be intimated to the college by the university. The Principal and the concerned officials of the college must be present on the specified date and time without fail with any other document that they may wish to submit. University will go ahead with verification of documents pertaining to their college even in their absence.

7. No correspondence shall be made to the college regarding deficient documents except during verification Principal is expected to keep track of the deficiencies and fulfill them well before the last date prescribed without any prompting.

8. Principals of the institutions should download admission approval of students and display the same in the college’s notice board and website and discharge all disapproved students immediately. The University shall not entertain any further correspondence from any anybody regarding disapproved students.

9. Exact dates of commencement of Theory & Practical examinations and date of declaration of results will be notified by the Registrar (Evaluation) separately.

ALL CONCERNED THROUGH www.rguhs.ac.in.
Copy to:

1. Secretary to Governor, Raj Bhavan, Bangalore 560 001
2. Secretary to Medical Education, Dept. of H & FW, Govt. of Karnataka, Vikasa Soudha, Bangalore 560 001.
3. Director of Medical Education, Ananda Rao Circle, Bangalore 560 009.
4. Executive Director, Karnataka Examination Authority, Bangalore.
5. All officers of the University / All Sections in the University / ARS Regional Centers.
6. PA to Vice- Chancellor, Registrar, Registrar (Eva), and Finance Officer, RGUHS, Bengaluru